VjoHanaba tool with Flakpoint Development

VjoHanaba tool finds best-suited people inside your team to make things done. Thanks to flakpoint development, machine learning algorithm, and natural language processing you can write tasks your own words and get the result from the teammates with the most appropriate skills.

Advantages of VjoHanaba

From now on you can deliver results within a set time and preserve the quality.


  • The setting task becomes as simple as breathing - Just write down what you need to do. Just like you’d said it to yourself. Our team management app will take care of details.

  • Get the most out of your team - Unleash the hidden talents of your employees. VjoHanaba will find out new skills and expertises your teammates have based on their working history.

  • Do more in less time - Thanks to the simple input field and smart autocomplete algorithm you can appoint tasks within minutes instead of hours.

  • Optimize business processes - VjoHanaba tool will find the most frequent tasks within your company and combine them into universal business processes which could be

  • Forget about micromanagement - This app will split tasks between your employees and make sure that all the required team members are involved.

VjoHanaba Clients



10+ do-it-all members

Small & Medium Businesses

100+ staff on board

Corporate Clients

up to 1000 employees


  • Greg Peterson

    Board member
    VjoHanaba Best team management app I’ve ever tried but also a competitor any manager should take into account.
  • Tom Stratford

    It’s spoiling me so much! I can finally focus on my product and get rid of all the management stuff
  • Sota Hamasaki

    Delivery Business
    It structures my workday and people around me in a way it meant to be. It finds how to make work done no matter how demanding it is.




We’ll grow with you $100 per project (up to 5 people in the team)


Optimize your business $25 per employee


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